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Somali hero Ali Maow Maalin

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Somali hero Ali Maow Maalin who was a polio vaccinator. He organized volunteers, went door to door immunizing children and helped to convince families the vaccine was safe. He passed away during his field work. He was so focused on monitoring the campaign that he did not pay attention to his health. CD66D317-66DE-41D3-984D-9DFA4A9730BC.jpeg

The Somali jewelry “Xersi”

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A “xersi” is a Koranic amulet, worn around the neck, and its function is to offer protection against “malignant forces” that could, supposedly, cause illness or misfortune. Usually, a xersi is made out of leather; in this case, however, it is made out of decorated silver. It is a holder with written text of the Koran inside it. Wearing the xersi around your neck – according to some mystical groups – will give you an effective means of averting evil.The word itself, xirsi, in the Somali language means “protection" and is, also, a popular name for Somali males. 9215C402-8E06-49F5-9541-764F8E572E3D.jpeg 3F388E1B-EA14-410C-BEAC-D77DAAA94B7A.jpeg 2827556E-0CAF-4F5C-8874-0ECA668EE439.jpeg 787AB8A2-8235-4963-A5E9-20469C7013F0.jpeg F0B806E5-D73D-4359-AD38-D1B6B82F219A.jpeg DED9CF10-3C31-4D19-99FD-5C8F69264DC8.jpeg 525070A8-9FCA-4B8E-BE20-FB12E5BDCF9C.jpeg

The Somali model Yasmin Warsame is “The Most Alluring Canadian"

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Yasmin Warsame is a Somali model and activist. In 2004, she was named "The Most Alluring Canadian" in a poll by Fashion magazine. She has been featured on the covers of Vogue Italia and American Vogue, American and British Elle, and Amica and Surface magazines. She has also modelled both the couture and ready-to-wear runways for everyone from Christian Dior to Jean Paul Gaultier. In addition, Warsame has done high-profile advertising campaigns for Valentino couture, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Hermès, Shiseido, Chanel, GAP and H&M.
In 2007, she also became a judge on Cycle 2 of the Canadian reality television series, Canada's Next Top Model.
178D7358-292D-4ED3-98BB-37995C7FECEE.jpeg 4AF35151-BC00-4F44-99EB-33105FFC46A0.jpeg A9A137C0-6D4A-4B35-A05E-0D0002ED1BB1.jpeg 6594D8B3-8DED-4615-A93F-D16B803261B9.jpeg 41662400-9551-4AF5-B536-A0038F3C1637.jpeg BDD3CE24-B945-4778-8854-079FEE9BBD4C.jpeg

How did Somalia help Mugabe against Rhodesian government

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Mugabe once refused to allow donated wheat into his country. The head of World Food Program (non-African) was forced to make a personal visit to convince stubborn Mugabe. Instead of going alone, he took with him a WFP African official who happened to be a Somali in order to sweeten the talks.

Upon arriving in Zimbabwe; they were quickly transferred to the presidential palace. Their conversation went as followed.

Mugabe (turning his eyes to the Somali official and purposely ignoring the “white” WFP director): where are you from?
Somali: I am from Somalia
Mugabe: Somalia..ooh…Somalia… What happened to Somalia my young brother. Whilst we were a guerrilla faction fighting for freedom and independence in the ’70s…you helped us so much. What can I do my young brother…tell me what I can do.
Somali: What do you mean?
Mugabe: Siad Barre, he has done for us what no other African leader has done. We made contact with him whilst we were under-equipped, didn’t have a single penny and...

These lost and found Somali tapes are now nominated for a Grammy award

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It is an album that captures the melodious voices of prominent Somali singers like Hibo Nura, Nimo Jama, the Waberi troupe, and the Iftin Band, among others.
In it, they meditate on love, life, and a Somalia rising from the ashes of colonialism. The music, plaintive and treacly, is influenced by American funk and pop, features influences from Arab and Indian sounds, and instruments ranging from the short-neck lute oud, to the guitar and accordion.
And now, these songs, collated from lost tapes from the 1970s and collected into an album this year by the US-based Ostinato Records, has been nominated for a Grammy award.
Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa was produced and compiled by Vik Sohonie and Nicolas Sheikholeslami. Nominated in the Best Historical Album category, the 15-track mix tape features Somali classics that document the vibrant music era of Somalia before the civil war broke out in 1991. Sohonie first got the idea to preserve the singles...

Mufti menk in south Africa there are Somali guy who has best faith ever

Modern computer school for orphaned kids in Mogadishu

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helpYateem opened 69D66302-41D1-4E09-A3FF-7882DE45D7D9.jpeg EC9563AC-B2BA-4281-9A11-37B5A6F31221.jpeg 6DE14245-F3DF-49B0-9150-AC52FA94B7AA.jpeg . This will provide opportunity to hundreds of orphans who didn't had access to such education..

Beautiful beaches in Somalia

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This is not Maldives, Malaysia or the Bahamas. This is Somalia ! Yes you heard it “a place full of beauty” 9B0E9289-5F0B-4546-83A4-CF310669C981.jpeg 1158D3DC-3A13-4C38-BAD8-BE10B95F18A9.jpeg 41504594-DE69-4C67-88CF-564B1B9CD712.jpeg

The Hangool

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The Hangool has both a practical use and symbolic meaning. Practically its used to arrange thorn bushes safely when nomads are making encampents for their animals. Symbolically its a symbol of authority and leadership. A symbol of attracting good and keeping away evil. Its often given to a bridegroom on his wedding night so its also a symbol of the start of a new lineage and the birth of a new head of house. The Somali hangool will remind you of pharaonic secpter. Sometime during land of punt they exchanged the hangool and secpter. E3D0E6E9-D821-43F9-81B7-5B01F4A12376.jpeg F1FE4C69-CD6E-4F04-AF3F-868A243123ED.jpeg 04E9BD45-4A91-4062-BBA3-A9A0AA3CA3CD.jpeg 993BD9ED-548A-4304-A99F-5D55525562EF.jpeg 83354C4C-02CA-4E49-B520-52741012B515.jpeg F519ED95-5443-4D3C-A584-771E56A3C597.jpeg 34D0207D-95F2-4B54-AC87-B2093C373B69.jpeg

UAE agreed to stop alleged”interference" into Somali politics

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Big development here: UAE Ambassador to Somalia Mohammed Ahmed Othman Al Hammadi finally meets Farmaajo.insiders say UAE agreed to stop alleged "interference" into Somali politics

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