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Meet Cherrie RnB star with Somali roots shaking up Scandinavian music scene

UN Secretary-General for Somalia Nicholas Haysom hailed UAE''s work in Somalia.

China presented amendments to stress that the council respects Somalia's "sovereignty

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The British sponsored draft left this out but China added it to the final statement. Somalia stressed it as well.

"China presented amendments on Saturday to stress that the council respects Somalia's "sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity"

UN council regrets Somalia's decision to expel envoy
The UN Security Council on Saturday expressed regret after Somalia expelled a UN envoy but added that it expected "full cooperation" between Somalia and the United Nations.

The council released the unanimous statement after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday agreed to appoint a new UN envoy to replace Nicholas Haysom, who was declared persona non grata by the Mogadishu government on January 1.

Haysom, a South African lawyer and experienced diplomat, was ordered to leave after he questioned the government's arrest of an Al-Shabaab defector who ran for election.

The British-drafted statement expressed "regret"...

The Beauty Of Day (Somali Flower)

Pentagon Denies Scaling Back Operations in Somalia

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The U.S. Defense Department is denying a media report the U.S. is planning to reduce its operations in Somalia.

Pentagon spokeswoman Navy Commander Candice Tresch told VOA Friday: “There have been no recent policy changes regarding U.S. operations in Somalia. We continue to support the Federal Government of Somalia’s efforts to degrade al-Shabab.”

NBC News reported Friday the U.S. is planning to scale back its operations in Somalia because U.S. airstrikes have “taken out” a number of the militant group’s senior operatives.

The Pentagon says “the U.S. conducted 47 precision airstrikes in 2018 against al-Shabab militants. In 2017, the U.S. conducted 35 air strikes and in 2016, conducted 15 air strikes. The first U.S.-led air strike of 2019 occurred Jan. 2 to diminish al-Shabab’s freedom of movement and to increase pressure on the terrorist network in the area.”

U.S. military officials say there are and estimated 3,000 to 7,000 al-Shabab fighters and...

The sensation of New Villain: Islamic State expanded operations in Somalia

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Islamic State expanded operations in Somalia in 2018
Over the course of 2018, the Islamic State in Somalia (ISS) significantly expanded its operations since its first claimed attack in April 2016. In addition to the amplification of its military claims, ISS has also expanded into more areas traditionally associated with al Qaeda’s group in Somalia, Shabaab.

According to data compiled by FDD’s Long War Journal, the jihadist group has claimed 106 attacks in Somalia since April 2016. In 2018 alone, ISS claimed 66 operations.

While this tally is less consequential than other areas in which the Islamic State operates, this number is more than the total number of claimed operations in Somalia in 2016 and 2017 combined. These claims were collected from Islamic State propaganda channels, such as Nashir and Amaq News, on Telegram.*

It is important to note that it is unclear exactly how many claims made by the group are legitimate...

Somali Government will ban dishonest foreign « expert » who Profited from the gloomy narrative on Somalia

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Somali government will continue to ban dishonest foreign « expert » who made a living reporting a gloomy narrative on Somalia to keep the funding coming.

The British plans to turn Somalia into trusteeship is put on hold in the UNSC.

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United Nations (United States) (AFP) - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday agreed to appoint a new UN envoy to Somalia after its president refused to reverse a decision to expel a representative for raising human rights concerns.

Guterres spoke by phone with President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on Friday -- his second call to the Somali leader in three days -- to once again urge him to change his mind, according to diplomats.

But the president dug in his heels and said UN envoy Nicholas Haysom would remain persona non grata and would not be allowed to return to Somalia, diplomats told AFP.

Guterres "deeply regrets" Somalia's decision, said UN spokesman Farhan Haq, adding that the UN chief nevertheless intends to appoint a new UN envoy.

The UN Security Council met behind closed doors to agree on a response to Somalia's decision.

But during that meeting, China asked for more time to consider a draft statement put forward by Britain that...

Warlord Ahmed Jess Returned To Kismayo To side With Warlord Madoobe

Qatar foreign minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani on Nabad & Nolol Somali government

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