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Somali Oil Minister signed MOU in the field of energy and petroleum with the Qatari investor & head of Gulf Petroleum Company

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Oil Minister Abdul Rashid Ahmed signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of energy and petroleum with the Qatari investor and the head of Gulf Petroleum Company Abdulaziz Al-Dulaimi, who represented a group of Qatari investors. Al-Dulaimi is one of the first Arab investors to participate in Sudanese oil production in the 1990s.
‎A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between the Qatari Investors Group and the Somali Pico Power Company.

Members of a far-right rally in Australia are reportedly seen in footage giving the Nazi salute

Gandeershe In Somalia Our Somali Hawaii !!!

BREAKING The Saudi government is deporting hundreds of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh

“Somali Sofrası” A New Somali restaurant in Turkey

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“Somali Sofrası,” a restaurant opened by 3 Somali students who came to Turkey for university education, brings traditional Somali food to people of Ankara. 🇹🇷🇸🇴 8EDC93F5-2966-4EB0-AF5B-71113356B147.jpeg 29D5D8F1-4A46-406A-AC46-9226FCB002E2.jpeg

‏Easy concept yet some can’t get it that our politicians don’t get it

Save Rahaf The Saudi Atheist from Honor Killing

Norway announced that $ 54.3 million For development of Infrastructure in Somalia

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6ED0F732-BFD0-484B-89B9-349998E6DF44.jpeg The Norwegian government will help Somalia to reconstruct and develop its infrastructure.
In a statement by Norwegian Development Ministry, Norway announced that $ 54.3 million which will be used for development in Somalia.

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